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ODL Grace Door Glass - 10" x 38" Frame Kit


Plastic frame width and height (outer edge). Measurement Guides

10" x 38"

Caming Color: Nickel
Frame Color: Evolve High Performance Maintenance-Free White Plastic

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• Handcrafted decorative glass.
• Privacy Rating of 7.
• Panels are thermally sealed for air- and water-tight performance.
• 20 year glass seal warranty.


Grace Door Glass
Accent your front door with the graceful styling of a bevel cluster. The Classic look of Grace includes a backdrop of glass textures and nickel finish. Grace offers a medium-high level of privacy.

Door Glass with Frame Kit
This door glass kit is designed to fit a wide variety of exterior side windows (side lights) manufactured by Therma Tru, Masonite, Jeld-Wen, PlastPro and many others. This kit can be used to replace existing glass in a side window and contains 1 insulated glass panel, 1 door glass frame set, 1 pack of specially designed screws, and 1 pack of screw covers. The door glass frame set consists of 1 inner and 1 outer high performance, molded plastic frame. The outer frame has an air and water tight, factory applied seal that bonds the frame to the glass. Before ordering, ensure that the existing glass is held in place by raised molding. The guide below provides side window and frame kit dimensions:

Replacing Glass
Side Window Material: Steel or Fiberglass
Side Window Width: 12" and 14"
Side Window Height: 6'8" and 7'0"
Side Window Thickness: 1.75"
Frame Kit Width: 10" (+/- 0.25")
Frame Kit Height: 38" (+/- 0.25"

Adding Glass
Door Material: Steel or Fiberglass
Door Width: 36", 34", 32" (+/- 0.75")
Door Height: 6'8", 7'0" (+/- 0.75")
Door Thickness: 1.75"
Door Panel: 6 Panel Door
Door Panel Width: 9" (+/- 0.5")
Door Panel Height: 37" (+/- 0.5")
*This kit will work with a 6 panel, 8'0" door for adding glass.

Please consult the Measurement Guide for any questions on identifying the correct size door, side window or door glass frame kit for your entry system.

Typical Industry Names for the Kit
Half Side Light
Twin Light

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Guaranteed Fit Program

Guaranteed Fit Program

In a perfect world, everything fits right – the first time. You can achieve this enlightened state of mind with Zabitat’s Risk-Free Fit Guarantee. Submit the requested information and a photo or two of your application (front door, slider, etc.). Our trained experts will review your submission within 1 business day. If everything is copacetic, you will receive a verification for fit. If your product selection won’t work with your application, you will receive a response with new product recommendations or other options.

Moral of the story is, "Measure twice, order once!". In the rare event that a Zabitat expert gets it wrong you are guaranteed a full refund or an exchange if the proper size unit is available, and return shipping fees are on us. *Please note, we are unable to guarantee a fit for arch (rounded) glass.


  • Manufacturer: ODL, Inc.
  • Category: Decorative Door Glass
  • Frame Type: Evolve High Performance Plastic
  • Glass Panel Thickness: 1 Inch
  • Glass Shape: Rectangle
  • Glass Insulation: Triple Pane
  • Glass Style: Classic
  • Door Cut-Out Dimensions: 9 in. x 37 in.
  • Glass Type: Decorative
  • Door Thickness: 1-3/4 in.
  • Product Weight (lbs.): 14
  • Glass Size: 8 in. x 36 in.
  • Frame Kit Size: 10 in. x 38 in.
  • Impact Resistant: No
  • Energy Efficient: No
  • Frame Light Pattern: 1 Light
  • Tempered Safety Glass: Yes
  • Privacy Rating: 7
  • STC Rating: 31
  • Warranty: 20 Year Glass Seal Warranty
  • Light Pattern: 1 Light

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ODL Grace Door Glass - 10" x 38" Frame Kit

ODL Grace Door Glass - 10" x 38" Frame Kit

• Handcrafted decorative glass.
• Privacy Rating of 7.
• Panels are thermally sealed for air- and water-tight performance.
• 20 year glass seal warranty.

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