Shipping & Order Information

Can I track my order?

Tracking information is provided on your Ship Confirmation for Ground Services. You can also check your Account and find the tracking information in the details of your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Please call Zabitat Customer Support at (513) 813-2232 to cancel an order.

What types of payment do you accept?

Zabitat accepts: Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.

Can I use an international credit card to place an order?

No. We only accept the following:

Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.

How do I use promotion (coupon) codes?

To redeem a promo code or coupon, you can enter the promotion code during the checkout process, after you enter your shipping and billing information. If you need more instruction or have additional questions, simply give us a call at (513) 813-2232.

Why isn't my promotion code working?

There can be a few reasons:

1) The promotion codes are case sensitive, so make sure you are entering the code in the case that was provided.

2) Check to see when the code expires.

3) There is already a promotion or special offer on the product. Promotions and special offers are not stackable.

4) Some promotions are sent to registered customers and customers who signed up to receive special offers. To ensure you get our best offers, please register an account or sign up to receive our emails.

Can I apply a promotion code to an order that's already been submitted?

Promotion codes can only be applied at time of submission by the customer, and cannot retroactively be applied to orders that have already been placed.

Are there any exclusions to a promotion code?

Promotional offers are only available during their advertised time period and will not be extended outside of that period. Unless otherwise specifically noted on the offer, all promotions exclude the following product categories:

  • Custom Glass
  • Blink | Blinds + Glass

How do I find my order number?

After you place your order, you’ll receive an Order Confirmation email that contains your order number. You can also log in to My Account and view your order history.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Please see our Shipping Policies page for details on shipping times.

What will I be charged for shipping?

Please see our Shipping Policies page for shipping charges.

What destinations do you ship to?

Currently we are only shipping within the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). We are unable to ship to Canada.

Can I send my order to a P.O. Box address?

We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

How do I send items to multiple addresses?

If you need to ship to multiple addresses, you’ll have to place a separate order for each address.

What if my product arrives damaged?

If there is damage to your product, please call Zabitat Customer Support at (513) 813-2232 and we will take care of getting you a replacement product.

What's the quickest way to check the status of my order?

You will need to log in to the My Account section to check your order status. Order status definitions are as follows: Order received and ready for processing: Your order has been received and will be sent to the proper fulfillment provider after it has been processed. Cancelled Your order has been cancelled. Shipped Your order has left the fulfillment center and is in transit or has been delivered. Delivered The order you placed has arrived at its destination. Partially Shipped One or more of the items in the order is in transit or delivered. Partially Delivered One or more of the items in your order has arrived at its destination. Pending payment approval An e-mail message is sent to you when your order ships. The e-mail will include instructions explaining how you can track the shipment of your order online. If applicable, this e-mail includes the names of the delivery carrier, a shipment tracking where the shipment can be tracked.

Can I return my order?

Please see our Returns Policy for details on returning products.

Guaranteed Fit Program

How does the Guaranteed Fit Program work?

Click on the Guaranteed Fit badge on the product page of the product you want to purchase, which will open the submission tab. Fill out the fields along with attaching a photo of the entry where the product will be installed. Our Technical Product Team will determine if your entry can accommodate the product you selected, and you will receive an email with their determination within 1 business day.

Do I have to apply for the Guaranteed Fit Program in order to purchase?

The Guaranteed Fit Program is intended to assist you in selecting the right product the first time. It is not a requirement to purchase. Any eligible product purchase that was not submitted for approval will have return shipping charges and restocking fees, as noted in our Shipping & Returns Policy, deducted from their refund.

What if the product that I want doesn’t receive approval for the Guaranteed Fit?

Guaranteed Fit Products may still be purchased after Zabitat’s Technical Product Team has disqualified your submission. However, you will be responsible for return shipping charges and restocking fees, as stated in our Shipping & Returns Policy, if the item is returned.

Can I still apply for the Guaranteed Fit Program even though I may not know what product I need?

You sure can! Head on over to our Guaranteed Fit Program page and let our product experts help you find the right product for your entryway.

Other FAQ's

Do you offer installation services?

As of 05/24/22 we no longer offer installation services. We can ship the product to you, but either you will have to DIY or find someone locally who can do the installation for you.

I lost the installation instructions for my product. Where can I find them online?

You can locate installation instructions for all products on the bottom of the description tab for your product. They are also available on our installation guides page.

Do you offer installation support or advice on your site?

We’ve done our absolute best to provide the information you need from How-to videos to installation instructions to get you through the installation of your product. However if you aren’t finding what you need, please call Zabitat Customer Support at (513) 813-2232.

Can I leave a Rating and Review?

Zabitat encourages community engagement, and ratings and reviews is one way to participate! Once you have received your product and have installed it, we’d love to hear from you. Zabitat sends a review request via a mobile-friendly email several days after your purchase. You simply select a rating, give a review, and hit “Post”.

What are the ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ for on the Ratings and Reviews?

These icons allow shoppers to indicate whether or not the review was helpful (or not). The more ‘thumbs up’, the more helpful the review was to other shoppers.

Are Ratings and Reviews moderated before they are posted?

Yes. Our Ratings and Review system filters Reviews for inappropriate language, and Zabitat Community Managers also evaluate Reviews for appropriateness, maliciousness, and authenticity before they are published. We do not filter out reviews based on any Rating scores.

Can I share a Rating and Review?

Yes. Under each review there is a ‘Share’ icon that once clicked opens a selection of social sites where the review can be posted to your account.

Why are there several product reviews with “Great product and installation”?

Rest assured that we will not publish fake, phony, or artificial reviews onto our site. Many of the reviews you see with “Very Good – Great product and installation” are from actual Zabitat customers using a different Ratings & Review system with simplistic default ratings. We love our customers and want to provide every piece of information we can to help you with your purchase decision-making!

How does the Product Question & Answer (Q&A) form work?

Any shopper can submit a question by clicking the “Ask a question” at the top of the product page, or on the Product Q&A tab. Once submitted, the question is reviewed by Zabitat’s Community Managers, published to the Product Q&A tab, then responses are provided by the Zabitat community (either Community Managers or Customers who purchased the product).

How do I contact Zabitat?

Please visit our Contact Us page.

Where can I find the warranty information for my product?

Please visit our Warranty page.

How do I receive special offers from Zabitat?

What's a Project List?

A Project List allows you to save products without adding them to your current Shopping Cart to purchase immediately. Example: if you are shopping on zabitat.com and see a few items that fit in your “Honey-Do” list, then save them to your Project List so they are bookmarked for when you’re ready! When you are ready to purchase a product in your Project List, you can move it from the Project List to your Shopping Cart and then Checkout.

How do I create a Project List?

You must create an account to save your Project List and access it on return visits to the website.

Where can I find your Installation videos?

You can find Installation Videos in the product images section of each product page. Or you can visit our YouTube channel to view other Zabitat project videos. Installation videos are also available on our installation guides page.

Glass for Doors

What type of door can I use with a Door Glass Frame Kit?

Door Glass Kits are designed to fit either Steel or Fiberglass doors. Steel doors are metal outside with an insulated core. If a magnet sticks to the door, it’s steel. Fiberglass doors are a composite material outside with an insulated core, and can be smooth or have a wood grain texture to resemble wood doors.

I want to replace my existing glass. Will it be easy to remove?

YES! With a few simple tools, anyone can remove existing door glass (with raised molding) from their door and replace it with a new door glass kit. Simply follow our video about how to remove glass kits and enjoy the new view!

How do I paint the frame kit of my door glass?

Refer to the label adhered to the glass for basic instructions.

What is the thickness of the bars in grilles between glass?

5/8? & 7/8?-standard flat bar profiles 11/16?-contoured bar 5/16?-slim line bar

What is the thickness of external simulated divided light bars?

7/8?-Craftsman bar 1-1/8?-traditional bar

Are there any safety concerns I should consider when choosing door glass?

All door glass products sold by Zabitat
use tempered safety glass that meets requirements of ANSI Z97.1 (American National Standards Institute). Tempered safety glass is produced using a heat treating process, creating glass that is up to four times as impact resistant as annealed glass (annealed glass is used in residential windows). If broken, tempered glass shatters into many small fragments (like your car windshield), which prevents major injuries.

Are door glass kits an ENERGY STAR® qualified product?

As door components, door glass kits by themselves are not ENERGY STAR qualified. However, they play an integral part in a door system’s seal and thermal performance, enabling the door system to meet ENERGY STAR requirements.

What is Low-E glass?

Low-E is a designation given to glass made with a nearly invisible thin metallic coating that blocks heat flow, making the door glass more energy efficient than clear glass. Low-E glass reduces air conditioning costs by reducing solar transmissions in the summer. In winter, it reduces heat loss to the outside, reduces glass condensation, and allows solar energy to pass inside.

What is decorative glass?

Decorative glass designs are insulated glass panels, featuring a center panel constructed from individual pieces of textured glass and/or bevels, usually held together by a metal band called “caming.” The decorative glass panel is hand-assembled by skilled craftsman to replicate old-world manufacturing and assembly techniques associated with stained glass. Decorative glass pieces often contain bubbles (seeds), wavy lines, color variations, and surface imperfections, which are characteristics of decorative glass and are not considered defects.

What is an SDL door glass kit?

SDL, or Simulated Divided Lights, replicate the look of the true divided lights (windows) seen in wood doors and windows. Because SDLs are constructed from a single piece of glass instead of individual, small windows, they are more energy efficient than true divided lights. The external grids for SDLs are wider than standard external grilles and feature a classic profile.

What is the thickness of the external grids on SDLs?

SDL Craftsman grids 7/8? SDL traditional grids 1-1/8?

Why is there caulk on a door glass kit?

Caulk is used on door glass kits to “glaze” or seal the outer frame to the glass and the door. Caulk acts as a weather barrier/sealant to keep out water and air. If the caulk “squeezes out” onto the glass surface, it can be removed by lubricating with Windex original glass cleaner, running a razor scraper or putty knife under the caulk around the perimeter, and peeling off the excess caulk.

Can I install a door glass kit behind a storm door?

Yes. A door using glass can be installed behind a vented storm door. A vented storm door allows air to circulate inside the area between the storm and entry door, preventing excessive heat buildup.

What is contained in the clear plastic bag adhered to the door glass kit?

These are screw-hole plugs which are designed to fill the screw-hole “counter sinks” on the interior frame to hide the screw head and provide a clean profile.

How do I determine if Door Glass Frame Kits will work with my door?

Visit the Door Glass Measurement Guide to determine if ODL Door Glass Kits are compatible with your door.

How do I determine which Door Glass Frame Kits will work with my door?

Visit the Door Glass Measurement Guide for helpful graphics, thorough instructions and a brief overview video. Note there are three sections: 1) Adding Door Glass for doors that currently do not have glass, 2) Replacing Door Glass when the existing glass will be replaced with the same size door glass frame kit, and 3) Spotlights Door Glass for modern and mid-century modern layout options.

Can I install your glass in my pantry door or other interior door?

Our inserts are dual or triple pane inserts that are 1” thick and designed for use in solid core, exterior doors. Usually, interior doors are less than 1-3/4" thick with hollow cores and for these reasons, they are not compatible with our glass inserts and frames.

How do I determine if Add On Blinds are compatible with my door?

Visit the Add On Blinds Measurement Guide for instructions and helpful graphics to determine if Add On Blinds are compatible with your door.

Add on Blinds

Are custom sizes available?

Custom sizes are not available; however Add on Blinds are designed to fit standard half-view and full-view door windows.

What happens if I get condensation on my door glass after installing Add on Blinds?

Interior condensation is caused by excess humidity in your home. Add on Blinds do not cause condensation, but are a good indicator of humidity levels that are too high. If your door glass has interior condensation, you may remove the filler strips on each side of the frame to facilitate air circulation. Alternatively, you might choose to reduce the humidity level in your home (for example, reducing or eliminating humidifiers). Condensation does not indicate a defect and will not damage it.

Are Add on Blinds easy to install?

Yes. These blinds are designed for quick and easy DIY installation. Download the Installation Instructions or check out a product video.

How can I clean my Add on Blind?

The glass can be cleaned with Windex or a similar glass cleaner. Use soap and water and a nonabrasive cloth to clean the frame. You may wish to take the treatment down once a year to clean the inside surface of glass; simply unlatch the clips (pivot outwards) to remove.

How do I select the correct size for Add-on/DIY Blinds?

Measure the outside glass frame dimensions on your steel or fiberglass door and select the correct size for your door. See our Measurement Guide for more information.

How do I determine what Add On Blind to order for use with my door?

Visit the Add On Blinds Measurement Guide for instructions and helpful graphics to select the correct ODL Add On Blinds for your application.

Why is the size listed on the Add On Blinds packaging different than the size I ordered from Zabitat.com?

The size indicated on the packaging is expected to be different than the size used to describe the product on Zabitat.com. You can verify you have received the correct product by comparing the part number on your order confirmation to the part number indicated on the packaging. The sizes found on Zabitat.com refer to the frame that surrounds your entry door glass. This is for your convenience in determining the appropriate product to order. The size indicated on the packaging references the nominal size of the glass in a compatible entry door.

Are ODL Door Glass Frame Kits compatible with wood doors?

If your door is solid wood with a thickness of 1-3/4” it is likely we have a door glass solution available for you. If your solid core wood door is flush, you can use almost any of our inserts. If it’s a paneled door, visit the Door Glass Measurement Guide for helpful graphics and instructions. If your door does not meet these specifications, we can often help you preserve your door by using wood-compatible frames or building a glass insert to your specifications. You can Contact Us for more information.

Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

Please check the information on our Sales Tax page.