Door Glass Inserts

  • Love your front door again. But don’t replace it, renovate it! Instead of replacing the whole door, you can use new door glass to transform your entire entry way. A door glass insert is a piece of glass that is inserted into the center part of a door. Door glass allows for a significant increase in natural sunlight into the home. Another huge benefit is the amount of design appeal it can bring to your entryway, especially when working with decorative glass. Nearly all of the door types on the market are built using fiberglass, steel, or wood, and all three types of doors support the use of a door glass insert. Fiberglass and steel doors are straight forward when trying to replace or add door glass. Wood doors can be a little more difficult as there are more variations in the designs and sizes of the panels. We usually recommend contacting our customer service team before ordering glass for a wood door. That way we can help you in selecting the right size, as these doors can be tricky!

The size of the door glass insert that you can put into your door can range greatly based on the design and placement of the panels on your door. Door panels can come in different sizes, placement, and designs. Since there is so many variations in door designs, it usually takes a little investigative work to find out what door glass sizes will fit inside your door. Luckily, Zabitat has door experts that can help you easily determine what glass your door qualifies for.

The ½ light, ¾ light, and full light options are the most popular designs seen with newer homes, however there are a lot of alternative door designs that support different glass sizes. Top lights, sunburst, and half round light door glass are just a few examples of the many different glass styles found in front doors.

The size of your door (the width and the height) can also play a major factor in what glass inserts will work in your door. Exterior doors are typically 6’8″ tall or 8’0″ tall, and each door height comes with a variation of different door glass insert sizes that will work within the door. Doors widths typically range from 30″, 32″, or 36″ wide, which will also determine which door glass inserts will work in your door.

Major factors for picking door glass insert sizes:

• Door Height
• Door Width
• Number of Panels
• Design of Panels
• Door Material (steel, fiberglass, or wood

For many door styles, you can utilize our measurement guide in order to qualify the door for new door glass. However, if you’re unsure about how to qualify your door, it is recommended in speaking with a door professional from Zabitat to help determine which door glass insert sizes will work best for your door. After properly qualifying your door, it’s time to pick out a type of glass that you’d like to put into your door. Glass can come in a wide variety of colors and textures and also have multiple caming options depending on the style you choose (including glass types). There are 4 main types of glass that you could select for your door glass insert.

When selecting a door glass insert, it can be tricky picking out the right glass style. With the large selection of design families and design styles, there are a lot more decisions that need to be made in order to make a selection. There are some key things to consider in this process as well.

• Sidelights / Transom

The design style of the sidelights and transom may play a factor in what design styles make sense to pick for your front door in order to fully complement the entryway.

• Home design / style

The overall style and look of your home can help you determine what kind of decorative glass makes sense for your front door.

• Other entryway decor

This goes alongside the concept of considering your overall home style and design. It’s important to take these into account when you are picking our your door glass insert.

Adding or replacing a door glass insert is significantly easier than most people would ever realize and can be completed by any DIYer regardless of experience level.

A door glass insert contains 3 main parts:

1) The glass.

2) The frame.

3) Screws to hold the glass and the frame in place.

If you are replacing existing door glass, then the installation process can be extremely quick and easy. If you are adding glass to a door that currently does not have door glass or expanding the size of the glass insert inside the door, then it will require a little bit of measuring and cutting. For assistance in this process, you can utilize our extensive door measurement guide as well as our door glass installation guide.

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