Severe Weather Glass

No more boarding up your doors in preparation of severe weather. If you live in a hurricane zone or other high-wind area, our impact resistant door glass provides a beautiful, hurricane safe solution for your entry doors. ODL and Western Reflections Severe Weather products meet the impact resistance codes and requirements of Florida, Texas, and the Department of Defense, among others. The ICC Standard for Residential Construction in High Wind Regions specifies that doors, skylights, and windows in the windborne debris region shall be either impact resistant or protected with an impact resistant covering. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ newly developed wind speed maps define the wind-borne debris region as the regions within one mile of the coastal mean high water line and where ultimate wind speeds of 130 mph or greater.

Per the Florida Building Commission 2010 Code, ASTM E1996 wind zones are to be specified as follows:

Wind Zone 1 130 mph ≤ basic wind speed < 140 mph, and Hawaii.

Wind Zone 2 140 mph ≤ basic wind speed < 150 mph at greater than 1.6 km (one mile) from the coastline. The coastline shall be measured from the mean high water mark.

Wind Zone 3 150 mph (58 m/s) ≤ basic wind speed ≤ 160 mph (63 m/s), or 140 mph (54 m/s) ≤ basic wind speed ≤ 160 mph (63 m/s) and within 1.6 km (one mile) of the coastline. The coastline shall be measured from the mean high water mark.

Wind Zone 4 Basic wind speed > 160 mph (63 m/s).

Download detailed information on the 2010 Florida Building Codes changes.

Severe Weather Frame

The severe weather framing system is designed for use in coastal areas where wind-borne debris and hurricanes are possible. This powder-coated aluminum frame requires no finishing and is designed for added strength and security of the exterior entry door.

  • Patented design adds strength by structurally bonding the outer frame to the laminated glass.
  • Meets both Florida Building Commission & Texas Department of Insurance codes.
  • Uses Dow 995 sealant for added breakthrough debris resistance on frame-to-glass track. Wet caulk seal is used on the door-to-glass tracks allowing for quicker installation.
  • Traditional frame profile.
  • Matching snap-in-place screw hole plugs.

The patented design adds strength to the entry door and meets code compliance (when used with ODL Severe Weather Doorglass) in High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and Wind-Borne Debris areas where traditional-construction frames do not comply.

Missile Impact Testing

The missile impact test involves firing an 9 pound 2″ x 4″ at 50 feet-per-second at designated spots on the door glass and door slab. The entire unit must remain intact through 9,000 pressure cycles, and also pass water-infiltration, structural loading, and forced air-infiltration tests. ODL Severe Weather door glass meets the ASTM C1172 standard for laminated glass.