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Storm Door Measurement Guide

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Storm Doors

First, verify the minimum space requirements on your existing door frame to make sure that your new storm door will fit. You will then need to take down the measurements shown in the door diagram. Then use the size chart to determine the correct door based on your measurements.


Door Height

Measure for height from the sill to the underside of the exterior trip at the top of the door.

Door Width

Measure the width at the top (W1), center (w2), and the bottom (W3) of the door opening. Use the shortest measurement when ordering, if they vary.

Door Size Width Range Height Range Available Products
30″ 29 ⅞” to 30 ⅜” 80″ to 80⅞”* View Products
32″ 31 ⅞” to 32 ⅜” 80″ to 80⅞”* View Products
34″ 33 ⅞” to 34 ⅜” 80″ to 80⅞”* Contact Us
36″ 35 ⅞” to 36 ⅜” 80″ to 80⅞”* View Products

The actual door slab dimension will be approximately ¾” less than the door size. (E.g., on a 36″ door, the slab is 35 ¼” wide.)
*84″ Height available on the Andersen 8 Series Series Fullview Interchangeable Rapid Install 1, 36″ white.

Dimension A Minimum of 3/4” (1.91cm) required for all storm doors except for the 10 Series Fixed Fullview, which requires 1” (2.54cm).
Dimension B Minimum of 1” (2.54cm) required. For openings less than 1” but greater than 3/4”, order optional narrow mount kit for proper installation (please contact our customer service for ordering this kit).
Dimension C Minimum of 2-1/2” (6.35cm) required.


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