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Spotlights Privacy Door Glass

If you’re inspired by the character of your home, Spotlights® Door Glass is for you.

Spotlights is designed for homeowners who appreciate the history of architecture and the spirit of good design. This line of door glass puts a spotlight on the growing trend for renovations and remodels that are done with class and top-notch materials. Spotlights is a doorglass solution that is constructed with the performance features and sense of unique style that savvy homeowners want. Whether it’s Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, or today’s most contemporary designs, Spotlights offers a clean, authentic style that’s customized for your home.

Endless Configurations

Spotlights gives you options that make it easier to meet your renovation and construction goals. Five doorglass sizes and six glass options give you flexibility to create a unique look that complements the architecture of your home.

Small and large glass sizes, horizontal and vertical shapes, and choices for the number, orientation, and type of glass give you plenty of flexibility for exactly the style, privacy, and price you desire.

Architectural Style

It’s what gives a home character. The charm of bungalows. The geometric patterns of mid-century minimalism. History revisited in Georgian revivals and Colonials. The horizontal stretch of ranch homes and the vertical stack of bi-levels and tri-levels.

Because you’re inspired by your home’s architecture or the vision of the one you’re building, Spotlights® doorglass is for you. It’s the finishing touch for the discerning homeowner who appreciates architecture and the spirit of good design.



Mid-Century Modern


Suburban Modern


Spotlights Glass Texture

After planning your configuration and shapes, the last option is selecting a glass texture for your new Spotlights. There are six unique textures designed to give you the most flexibility in picking out the perfect balance between design and privacy.

Chain Link (CHL)

The spirit of Modernism, which embraced man-made materials like Chain Link’s metal, lives in this Spotlights glass.

Circuit (CCT)

Mid-century Modern, Art Deco, and Contemporary all left their imprint on Spotlights’ Circuit glass. Its eclectic styling with silkscreen glass and clear design elements suits a range of architectural home styles.

Clear (CL)

Clear glass stands the test of time when it comes to architectural styles and puts a focus on inside and outside views.

Clear Low-E (CL-LE)

Low-E glass puts the spotlight on performance. It keeps the cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer and reduces UV rays and the fading of wall coverings and fabrics they cause.

Cubed (CU)

Cubed glass brings to life the symmetry and geometric patterns found in the architecture of the 1920s and 1930s. Grid patterns, glass blocks, and structure are celebrated in this glass style.

Frosted (FSB)

Frosted glass blends privacy with natural light, something that will find itself at home in any architectural style.

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