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Glass Colors

ODL door glass and Western Reflections door glass inserts can come in a large variety of colors. The colors of the glass can also effect the transparency of the door glass insert. The colors of the glass also have a very large affect on the overall look of the door. Door glass can also have a variety of textures. If you find a piece of ODL or Western Reflections decorative door glass that you would like to customize with different colors, this can be accomplished through our custom door glass program.

Amethyst Baroque

Champagne Baroque

Bronze Softwave

Bronze Rough Rolled

Black Cobalt

Cherry Red Cathedral

Cherry Red Whispy

Champagne Artique

Clear Renaissance

Dark Blue Clear

Dark Blue Cathedral

Light Blue Cathedral


Medium Green Cathedral

Medium Gray Opal

Midnight Blue English Muffle

Olive Softwave

Pale Amber Cathedral

Pale Amber Softwave

Pale Amber Softwave

Pale Blue Cathedral

Pale Blue Waterglass

Pale Gray Opal

Pale Purple Waterglass

Purple Cathedral

Rain Forest Opal

Ruby Red Softwave

Sage Green English Muffle

Scottish Heather English Muffle

Sea Green Waterglass

Solid White Opal

Spectrum White

Steel Blue Baroque

Steel Blue Waterglass


Steel Blue Whispy White

Teal Green White Opal

Translucent Feather

White Amber Opal

White Sky Blue

Yellow Swirl

Yellow Waterglass

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