Custom Door Glass

from Kenyon’s Glass

Get exactly what you’re dreaming of from Kenyon’s Glass, an ODL company with endless custom glass capabilities. Whether you need a size that falls outside of our standard insert offering, a small adjustment to an existing design, or you want something that’s totally unique to your home, the artisans at Kenyon’s can create it.

Customize Your Way

Choose from an existing design  OR  create a custom design

Swap Glass Types

•  Customized glass sizes
•  Alternative caming options
•  Swap glass types
•  Match sidelights and transoms to doorglass
•  Custom grilles between glass colors and configurations


Create a Custom Design

•  Artisanal camed glass designs
•  Metalist wrought iron appearance
•  Sandblasted glass designs

Fill out the form below, and a Kenyon's Glass expert will reach out to discuss creating your perfect door glass.