Custom Door Glass

Not all doors are created equal. We do our best to provide the greatest range of sizes in our catalog offerings, but sometimes the measurement of your door may be slightly off to the standards seen in the industry. No worries. To make sure you can still get the door of your dreams, we’ve put together a custom glass program to get the exact right size and design that you need.

Build Your Glass

With our custom glass program, you have the ability to build your glass to suite the needs for your entryway. Regardless if it’s a customized size or a customized design, our product team will work with you to get that perfect piece to bring your entryway to life. Our custom program offers solutions outside of the standard in-stock products you’ll find in our catalog.

• Customized glass sizes
• Custom designs
• Alternative caming options
• Alternative frame options
• Control privacy levels
• Custom sidelights
• Custom transoms

Make It Your Own!

Personalize your glass with a completely unique design. Submit your art and turn it into a decorative glass insert for your door.

Fill out the form below, and a Kenyon's Glass Representative will reach out to discuss what it will take to get the perfect glass insert.