22″ x 38″ Door Glass Inserts

Half view glass inserts for your door (22 inches x 38 inches).

Half Lite Glass Inserts

22″ x 38″ glass inserts can be used to add or replace glass inside your existing exterior door. The 24″ by 38″ glass inserts come in various styles like clear glass, blinds-between-glass, and also hundred of decorative design options. Privacy levels for the 22″ x 38″ glass insert will vary based on the decorative glass style that you select.

Half view glass inserts fit most 6-panel exterior doors. 22″ x 38″ inserts can also fit 8 and 9 panel doors, as well as flush doors. Make sure to checkout our measurement guide to verify that the 22″ x 38″ glass insert is the right size glass for your door.

Door glass inserts are an easy DIY project to upgrade the look of your entryway.

22″ x 38″ door glass kits are designed to fit a wide variety of exterior doors manufactured by Therma Tru, Masonite, Jeld-Wen, PlastPro and many others. Door glass kits contain 1 insulated glass panel, 1 door glass frame set, 1 pack of specially designed screws, and 1 pack of screw covers. The door glass frame set consists of 1 inner and 1 outer high performance, molded plastic frame. The outer frame has an air and water tight, factory applied seal that bonds the frame to the glass.

Replacing Glass
Door Material Steel or Fiberglass
Door Width 36”, 34”, 32” and 30” (+/- 0.75”)
Door Height** 6’8” and 7’0” (+/- 0.75”)
Door Thickness 1.75”
Frame Kit Width 22” (+/- 0.25”)
Frame Kit Height 38” (+/- 0.25”)
Adding Glass
Door Material Steel or Fiberglass
Door Width 30” wide doors (+/- 0.75”)
Door Height* 6’8” and 7’0” (+/- 0.75”)
Door Thickness 1.75”
Door Panel 6 Panel Door and Flush Door
Door Panel Width 20” (+/- 0.5”)
Door Panel Height 36” (+/- 0.5”)