We’re glad you’re a partner in our Zabitat Pro+ program. Below, you’ll find all of the necessary tools and information to help you get started. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at customer.service@zabitatpro.com, or call us at 616.208.1052. Cheers, and welcome to Enlightened Living.

How To Get Started

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    You’re In, What’s Next?

    Let’s start off by helping you understand what tools are necessary for you to be successful.

    See them directly below.

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    Order Online

    Ordering is super easy. Once you’re on the site, it’s as easy as adding a product to your cart and checking out.

    The best part? You get a great, discounted price.

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    Get Support When You Need It

    If you need installation or product support, we’re here for you.

    We even provide you a specific account specialist to ensure that everything goes right.

Available Resources

  • Selling Tools

    Product catalogs offer you a massive selection of Door Glass, Add-On Blinds, and Door Accessories.

    Brochures will give you the best highlighted selling points of each and every product.

  • Zabitat Installer Business Cards

    Referrals are a strategic approach, and business cards are the perfect way to ‘plant the seed’.

    Take advantage of this complimentary offer.

  • Product Samples

    Get a real life look at the products you’ll be purchasing.

    Available upon request.

  • Product Brochures

    We have a wide range of product brochures. To list a few: Blink, Yale, and Custom Glass.

    They’re helpful resources for product availability and pricing.

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    Zabitat Before/After Books

    The ultimate guide to show your customers the difference between the before and after stages of the door transformation process.

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    Digital Marketing Support

    We’re happy to offer you services like: Lead Generation, Social Media, and PPC Management.

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    Marketing Support

    We’re happy to offer you services like: Creative Assets, Sales Flyers, and Design Services.

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    Sales Programs & Lead Management

    You receive a holistic approach for your sales programs and lead management.

    Let Zabitat provide you with proven strategies via any channel, digital or traditional.

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    Merchandising Materials

    Take advantage of product displays for your trade show or show room.

    Available for purchase.