Your Complete Guide to DIY Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are an innovative screen door that retract into a slim housing unit. The retracting feature adds a lot of benefits over traditional sliding screen doors or hinged screen doors. The push of a button automatically activates the retracting mechanism to pull the screen out of the way when you are trying to use the entryway. Retractable screens doors can easily be installed on single doors, double doors, and sliding doors, regardless of your DIY experience level.

Easy Installation Easy to Use
Beautiful & Durable Fresh Air!
Child & Pet Friendly No Cutting Required to Install
White, Sandstone, & Bronze Limited Lifetime Warranty

Yes, you can DIY your retractable screen!

Installing a retractable screen onto your door is extremely fast and easy. It takes less than 30 minutes and only a few tools to install onto any entryway on your home. The package comes with 4 pieces that slide together nicely and builds the frame. Once the frame is assembled, you position it onto your door frame and drill it into place. The screen has been designed to allow anyone, regardless of DIY experience, to easily install the screen. However, if you still would like support with your retractable screen install, our installation professionals can come to your home and install your screen for you. Click here to see if installation services are available in your area.

Let’s get started…

Learn everything you need to know about retractable screen doors.

How Retractable Screens Work

Retractable screens work by using a spring loaded retractor inside a slim housing unit on one side of the screen. When activated, the retracting mechanism pulls the screen into the housing unit and completely out of sight. The screen slides across the top and bottom tracks keeping it secure in place for smooth operations and completely disappears into the housing unit. Once you are ready to use your screen again, you simply using the latching mechanism to pull the screen back out, latching it to the other side of the doorway. You even have the ability to flip a locking latch into place so it’s only able to be opened again from the inside of your home.

Retractable Screen Measurement Guide

Most entryways will have no issues installing a new Brisa Retractable Screen. Just to be safe, you can qualify your entryway for a retractable screen door by following our simple measurement guide below. Have questions about getting a retractable screen on your entryway? Contact us and send us a photo of your doorway. One of our home improvement specialist will get back with you on the perfect retractable screen door size.

Step 1.

Determine the height of your existing door. Measure from the top of your door all the way to the bottom. Most hinged swing doors will be pretty close to either 6′ 8″ or 8″ 0′ depending on your entryway. It may vary slightly, but it should be close. If you have a sliding patio door, the height of the actual door piece should be close to 6′ 6″.


Step 2.

Determine the direction of door operation. Knowing which way your door opens allows you to select the correct retractable screen. Standing from inside your home, do you pull your door open (in-swing door) or do you push it open (out-swing door)? Or do you have a sliding patio door?


Selecting your Retractable Screen

Retractable Screens fit on most exterior entryways. To find the right retractable screen, determine if you have a single door, a double french door, or a sliding door. Then measure the height of the door. You’ll also want to double check that the width is within the acceptable range for the retractable screen usage. Unless you have a custom door, you shouldn’t have any issues. Last step is to determine if you have an in-swing or and out-swing door so you can select the correct retractable screen application. Once you’ve found the right model, all you have to do is select the color housing to match you home. The Brisa screens are available in White, Bronze, and Sandstone. To make the selection process easier, use our selection guide below to find the perfect retractable screen for your door.

Door Type Door Height Door Opening Width Application Available Products
Single Door

6′ 6″ 32″ – 36″
(Can be trimmed for 28″ – 31½” wide doors.
See page 8 of installation instructions.)
Inswing / Outswing View Products
6′ 8″ Inswing View Products
6′ 8″ Outswing View Products
8′ 0″ Inswing / Outswing View Products
Double Door

6′ 6″ 68″ – 72″
(Doors < 68″ or > 72″ require trimming / build-outs.
See page 8 of installation instructions.)
Inswing / Outswing View Products
6′ 8″ Inswing View Products
6′ 8″ Outswing View Products
8′ 0″ Inswing / Outswing View Products
Sliding Door

6′ 6″ 68″ – 72″
(Doors < 68″ or > 72″ require trimming / build-outs.
See page 8 of installation instructions.)
Sliding Patio Door View Products

Installing your Retractable Screen

Installing a retractable screen takes less than 30 minutes and can be completed by anyone regardless of DIY experience. First step is to assemble the frame by easily sliding the four pieces together. Once assembled, you position the screen onto the frame of your door and screw it into place. It’s really that easy. But sometimes it’s easier to watch someone else do it first. So feel free to check out our installation videos below. If you still don’t feel comfortable, have one of our installation professionals complete the project for you. See if retractable screen installation services are available in your area.

Where To Buy a Retractable Screen Door

Ready to buy a Retractable Screen? We offer the full selection of Brisa Screen options available from ODL. Purchase online and get it shipped directly to your door. Find the right size and color to match your entryway so you can enjoy that fresh air all summer long. If you need help finding the perfect retractable screen, reach out to our customer service team by contacting us or calling 855-813-3111.


Retractable Screen Maintenance

To maintain your Retractable Screen, we suggest keeping the screen tracks clean and lubricated with furniture polish or WD-40. Once a year, you should check the track screws to make sure they are secure.

NOTE: Do not operate the screen during freezing temperatures.

If your screen is not retracting properly:

1. Check to make sure that the top track is not causing any binding of the screen handle. If you do have binding, make sure that you installed the top track per the installation instructions. Remember, you do not want to use a square or level for positioning your top track.

2. Make sure tracks are clean and free from any debris that could cause the screen handle to slow down.

3. Check track screws to make sure that they are secure, but not too tight. Track screws that are installed too tightly can cause the track to twist, which in turn can cause the handle to bind.

4. Apply a lubricant such as furniture polish or WD-40 to the tracks regularly.

If required, Replacement Screens are available for each size.