ODL Door 35.75" x 79" Trimmable Fiberglass Exterior Craftsman Front Door Slab - Custom Glass Design - Non-Handed - White Sweep | Zabitat

ODL Door 35.75" x 79" Trimmable Fiberglass Exterior Craftsman Front Door Slab - Custom Glass Design - Non-Handed - White Sweep

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STYLE: Refresh the look of your entry with a traditional exterior door slab, and enhance and add light to your entry with new door glass.
DURABILITY: High density fiberglass skins enhance durability and security. Resists dents and scratches. Won't rust, rot, split or crack. High resistance to twisting, bowing and warping.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Provides much higher insulation value over wood doors. Highly resistant to extreme fluctuating temperatures.
CONSTRUCTION: Works for left or right hand applications (non-handed). LVL stiles provide structural integrity and strength to the door. 16" wood lockblock and jamb security plate resists forced entry and strengthens lockset and deadbolt area. No hinge preparation is standard. High definition panel embossments.
MEASUREMENTS: Door slab measures 35-3/4 in. x 79 in. Trimmable to 35-1/4 in. x 78 in. Top and side outer edges are trimmable by 1/4 in.. Bottom outer edge is trimmable by 3/4 in.. Measure existing door (do not include jamb), and make sure measurements fall within the range.
INSTALLATION: Remove old door slab. Line up top edge of old and new door. Transfer hinge and door hardware locations. Trim door slab. Mortise hinge and hardware. Reinstall door into existing frame.
COMPONENTS: Door slab, double-bulb bottom sweep, door glass insert, inner and outer door glass frame.
FINISHING: Smooth door surface provides an ideal canvas for painting. Pre-primed and paint-ready. Must be painted within 2 weeks of installation.
WARRANTY:Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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ODL Exterior Doors
Whether you need to replace a worn wooden front door or want a quick and easy update or new style for your entry door, the ODL exterior front door is a top home improvement solution. You will be delighted with your new door's superior craftsmanship, security, style and functionality.

Trimmable Fiberglass Doors
A truly low-maintenance and highly durable solution for many years. Polyurethane foam core provides energy efficient insulation and is environmentally friendly. Does not require removal of the jamb, sill and trim like an entire door system.

Finish Your Door Style
You will have a blank slate for your home with your new entry door. The smooth surface is ready for paint.
Door Slab Measurements
Actual: 35-3/4 in. wide x 79 in. high
Trimmable to: 35-1/4 in. wide x 78 in. high
Thickness: 1-3/4 in.

Things to Consider and Check When Buying a Door Slab
Ensure your entry is plumb, level and square.
Account for the door sweep in your height measurement.
Consult your local building code for all applicable regulations and building code requirements. Local building codes supersede installation instructions.
Determine if your existing hinges and door hardware will be re-used or purchasing new.
Compare the features and benefits of different doors, as well as what components are included (like a door sweep).
Two or more people are recommended for moving and installing.
As with many building products, it's recommended to allow the door slab to acclimate for at least 24 hours to local conditions prior to installation or finishing.
If not installing immediately, keep the door slab off the floor and in dry and well-ventilated environment with no direct exposure to the sun.
Door must be painted within 2 weeks of installation, per manufacturer's warranty.